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22, Cancer, Heaven, Fallen from Heaven
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Orientation sexuelleBisexuel(le)
Taille160cm - 170cm
Poids46 - 55 kg
Ville d'origine
Fallen from Heaven
Poils PubiensRasées
Ce qui m'excite
Hard question....and i have only one answer MEN.The real ones know what all that means,they don`t need a guide to turn on . I am weird but when it comes to men I am not crazy after looks.The things that will make me crawl across the dinner table and lower myself into your lap are qualities,values,,,,
A propos de moi
i am new still a lil dizzy !!!
but i am getting used with this fast :D
Ce qui me dégoûte
What turns me off: Don`t try to make me feel bad because in the end u are the only one that will feel like that.I am here to have fun explore and enjoy...i bet you are here for same reasons too.If u are a bad boy i will take out my hand cuffs and teach u how to behave!!!

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Mini Cooper 'S' Cabriolet
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